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Just as wind leaves a pattern when moving over the sand so does the soul when it enters the body – leaving the fingerprints as reminders of the nature of soul that dwells inside.

Chirology is the tool that decodes the information your brain has etched on your hands. It is also referred to as genetic psychology.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

– C.G. Jung.

Kevin Leak


Lines and markings on the palm begin to develop on the hands of a baby approximately in the fourth and fifth weeks of pregnancy. From there, the brain records an accurate history on the palm, a process that continues until death.

The only markings on the palm that are constant are those on the top segment of each finger. These dermatoglyphics are also called fingerprints. All other markings and lines on the hand can, and do, change. The medical profession makes use of these features for diagnostic purposes, and within the criminal justice system, the use of fingerprints is regarded as a reliable form of identification. Unknown to many, however, is that it is also possible to analyse the features on the hand from a psychological perspective.

A hand analysis report is based on chirology principles. Chirology is a discipline of hand analysis and counselling that utilises the five-element principles in order to provide structure to hand analysis. The element system provides a neutral and reliable universal language.

The analysis of the features identified on your hands is based on research of similar markings, lines, and specific features of thousands of other hands. Every hand is unique, and yours is no exception. The comments in the report provided to you can, in this regard, be very subjective, and your interpretation of them is vital in order to isolate information communicated by your brain. A discussion session is therefore recommended. 

By interpreting the markings on the hand, children, who are often unable to verbalise their feelings and emotions, can be spared long question sessions to determine the area in which they experience difficulties. Career guidance and counselling based on the features identified on the hand can also be provided. Other areas where information from the hands proved to be beneficial are identifying emotional and stress factors, learning difficulties, inherent talents for music and art, and an affinity for nature and animals, to name but a few. 

Hand analysis is a process that aims to equip you with self-knowledge that can enable you to make informed decisions based on your own unique potential as reflected in your hands. By being aware of the information your brain communicates on the palms of your hands, you can live your life to its full potential.

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As a Chirologist I provide the
following services:

  • Hand analysis various options.

  • Career guidance-children and adults.

  • Counselling services. 

  • Various other courses. 

  • Life purpose identification.

  • Workshops.

  • Chirology coursers.

  • Visual presentation on Chirology for corporate and private functions, with hand analysis available after presentation.

Hand analysis options:

  1. Immediate analysis 

    • An appointment is scheduled - 073 956 4305.​

    • No prints taken.

    • Approximately 15 min discussion.

  2. Ink prints and immediate analysis 

    • Approximately 54 min appointment. 

    • Ink prints of the palms of both hands are taken.

    • This is discussed with the client and the client has the opportunity to clarify.

  3. ​Ink prints or photos with written report

    • This report (30+ pages) provides an overview of all aspects recorded on your hands.

    • This includes - gifts, talents, potential, life purpose, life lessons, personality traits, medical and health related aspects.

    • It also identifies potential obstacles and provides possible guidelines.

  4. Career guidance with written report

    • This service is provided to both children and adults. A full written hand analysis report forms the basis of the recommendations and discussion of an hour. ​​


The theory of soul groups

For the past few years I have conducted research on individuals who share the same Life Purpose. life purpose is obtained from thr fingerprint patterns. The fingerprint patterns are assigned numerical values and the finger on which the pattern with the highest numerical value is reflects the specific Life Purpose. Your personal Life Purpose can be identified in a full hand analysis. 

Those individual's who share the same Life Purpose form part of a Soul Group. Research indicates that those in a specific Soul group share corresponding occurrences in their lives that are in some cases health, age, relationship, work, talent specific and event (traumatic) related. 

I have created a website that has a different page (password secured) for each Soul Group. There is a registration fee for a year. All information is confidential and no names appear on the website. You can however post comments and questions to other in your Soul Group once you have registered. 


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