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I am an adventurous, spontaneous, creative spirit that loves to dance, to laugh, to hug and to share deep insights about what I have learned and come to know about the magic gift of life and our connection to it All.

Kerri Siri Nam

Kundaline Yoga Teacher, Cacao Kuchina, Artist & Sharer of the wisdom of water

I grew up in the Wilderness of the Lowveld Bushveld on a beautiful farm that stirred the wild nature within me. I always knew deep down there is an unseen thread that links us all, and this beautiful thread that weaves into a majestic tapestry is woven together with the ancient elements and creative energy of our Sentient Mother Earth.

As I moved through the social system and dealt with childhood traumas that seemed to tear me from what I deeply knew and teach me a new narrative, that left me wandering and lead me into a teenage darkness which continued well into my adult life. It was in this darkness that I discovered hidden treasures and was divinely guided back to the natural ways through my connection to Nature, the Ancient Yogic ways of Kundalini Yoga and the Arts, it is here where my deep dive into Self Awareness and Healing began, with and open heart and mind. I dedicate my Life to this Path and my passion is to help each beautiful person I meet re-connect to the magical creative Wild Child that resides deep within.

Come meet me in the beautiful labyrinth of Shakti energy where the natural rhythms of Self reside at Breathspace Lowveld.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is called the diamond of yoga because it refects and shares all the different facets of yoga.


The process of kundalini yoga helped me to overcome huge obstacles in my life and gave me the tools to gently take my reigns back.


I love adding this beautiful practice to my day retreats as it allows us to really dive deep into the beautiful waters of self discovery.

Come and explore a class of Kundalini Yoga at BreathSpace Lowveld.


Cacao in Ceremony

Cacao in Ceremony, Is an ancient Aztec plant medicine that when seved in ceremony in its raw state allows one to expand your awareness and insight of self and the world around, with and open heart.


Cacao is the medicine of the heart that helps us to increase our energetic field and connects us deeply to our inner knowing and ancient parts of self. The goddess Ixcacao is know man as the “hand maiden”, her gift is to hold one’s had as we journey together in ceremony unlocking deeper states of creativity. Join me in ceremony and let me serve you.

Mandala Water Colours

Mandala Watercolour

Water is life, it is one of my passions to share the sacred language of water and I do that best through sharing my love for Watercolour and its 

alchemy with the elements.


We will be painting mandalas using brush strokes and mark making to intuitively create our mandalas in a circular pattern, which symbolises the outer and inner universe.


Mandalas are an ancient Buddhist tool to meditatively tap into one’s consciousness.

Sacred Language of Water

Water holds a secret language that has been forgotten and is now slowly being remembered. It holds crystalline structures and emotions.


It is constantly connecting to us through our bodily waters, our thoughts and intentions.


Let me share my special journey with water and inspire you to explore this magical substance at BreathSpace Lowveld

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