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Welcome to BreathSpace

A welcoming sanctuary for
the community


I have had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Marti, the owner of Breathspace in White River, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the experience. Marti's space is nothing short of wonderful, providing the perfect backdrop for my vision planning workshops. The serene and inviting atmosphere at Breathspace sets the ideal tone for productive and creative sessions. The carefully curated environment enhances focus and encourages open discussions. Marti's attention to detail and commitment to creating a positive and harmonious setting truly stand out. One of the highlights of our collaboration is the post-workshop sound journey led by Marti. Her unique and soothing soundscapes create a sense of tranquility that allows participants to reflect and absorb the insights gained during the workshop. It's a beautiful way to conclude our sessions, leaving everyone with a deep sense of relaxation and inspiration. Marti's dedication to providing a nurturing space and her expertise in guiding transformative sound journeys make Breathspace a gem for anyone seeking a holistic and enriching experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Marti and Breathspace for anyone looking to elevate their workshops or events. Thank you, Marti, for contributing to the success and positive impact of my vision planning workshops.


When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of it's mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity.

- Carl G Jung

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